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Find out why hundreds of thousands of people trust us to navigate them through the inside of vast and complex buildings. Watch the video to see how indoor navigation can guide users easily from point A to point B and every point of interest in between to improve your venue's experience. If you want a live demo of MapsIndoors, just sign up below and we'll be in touch with a relevant demo for your venue.
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We work hard to provide our customers with industry-leading indoor navigation and we're proud of every single solution we deliver. Explore some of our public solutions below.
Copenhagen Airport
Stress-free traveling
Copenhagen Airport offers travelers indoor navigation at the palm of their hand to reduce stress and improve passenger experience. It is the largest airport in the Nordic Countries with almost 30 million travelers in 2017. The airport has two terminals.
City, University of London
Campus life made easy
City, University of London offers students, staff, and visitors MapsIndoors to help them navigate campus areas. City, University of London consists of 27+ academic departments and around 20.000 were enrolled in 2017.

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