Introducing Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco DNA Spaces is a location platform that allows businesses to use location analytics to gain more insights into the behavior of people and things and how they interact in their physical spaces. By combining this with MapsIndoors businesses can have their location data visualized on a map of their venue which opens up for indoor navigation, room booking, and asset tracking.

The MapsIndoors platform serves as an indoor navigation solution guiding people from point A to point B. With location data from the Cisco network, MapsIndoors is able to detect a user’s position within the building and provide them with turn-by-turn navigation to their destination. Location data also makes it possible to create the blue dot, improving user experience even further.

One of the biggest challenges for many office employees is finding an available meeting room. Cisco DNA Spaces can detect the location of all devices on the network. By linking this data to the physical space businesses can provide employees with a visual representation of available rooms. In addition, the location data can be used for asset tracking and for statistical data and room utilization.


About Cisco

Cisco is a worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions. One of Cisco’s solutions, Cisco DNA Spaces, is a world-leading powerful indoor location services platform that leverages existing Wi-Fi to provide insights & drive business outcomes.


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