The office of the future

The office of the future is worker-centric and offers employees a premium experience. dashcom offers a range of smart office solutions that empowers corporate offices to create an efficient and collaborative hybrid working environment, including ‘Meeting Room Manager’, ‘Desk Finder’, and ‘Find My Colleagues’ that makes it easy to find a workmate, all without compromising on data protection. 

By integrating the MapsIndoors platform with dashcom’s solutions, dashcom and MapsPeople wish to take the office experience to the next level. The alliance ensures that employees will be equipped with live data, such as occupancy data or the location of colleagues, on a map of the office. This makes it faster and easier for them to make informed decisions about where to work or where to have their next meeting. In addition, MapsIndoors’ wayfinding feature makes it easier than ever for employees to get from their current location to their destination.

About dashcom

dashcom is a leading expert in the field of smart workspaces. Its success drivers are user experience, state-of-the-art technology, and data science at the service of users. dashcom was co-founded by a major player in data solutions - large-scale information systems and real-time streaming platform. They thus deliver user-centric solutions to enhance collaboration, improve building efficiency, and enable flex work.


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