Smart and simple space booking

Durante has developed Space Booking, a complete hardware/software suite for the booking, management, and control of desks, rooms (physical or virtual for video conference meetings), devices, automation, and services. By integrating Durante’s Space Booking into the MapsIndoors platform, users are given a simple and smart way to book the space they need with just five steps:


• Navigate on the map
• Look for resources or "green" areas
• Tap on a resource / area
• Book


The simplicity of the collaboration between Durante’s Space Booking and the MapsIndoors platform makes it easy to get an overview of available space in the building. Wandering around trying to find an available meeting room or space to work in can be time consuming, so eliminating this challenge will create a more efficient workplace.  

About Durante

Since the company's beginnings, Durante's loud and clear message to its clients has always been conveyed through its continuous innovation and added value. 

Starting out as a telephone company, Durante has now extended towards unified communications and digital technology to provide collaboration software, video-conferencing systems, multimedia environments and integrated solutions for the smart workplace and the smart workers.

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