Utilizing indoor wayfinding as a form
of holistic care for better patient outcomes

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There is nothing simple about the modern hospital. Buildings must regularly evolve to meet the demands of medical science, making room for new advancements, new equipment, and new approaches to patient
services. The spaces within hospitals are frequently shifting with building changes and expansions that do not necessarily feel structurally or aesthetically cohesive. Large city hospitals typically span several
metro blocks. Outside the city, they can span dozens of acres. Some are comprised of multiple separate buildings. Some buildings are connected by bridges or tunnels.
Hospital_eBook_thumbnailIn this guide you'll learn about:

  • The Challenge
  • The Financial Implications
  • The Effects of Stress on Patient Outcomes
  • Hospital Wayfinding as a Form of Holistic Care
  • Digital Wayfinding Closes the Gap
  • Improve the Use of Resources
  • Better Wayfinding, Better Outcomes, Better Hospital