Improving Patient Experience

Hospital visits can be linked with both fear and anxiety. In addition, navigating the endless and almost identical hospital halls and corridors is often difficult, leading to even more frustration for patients and visitors alike.

MapsPeople and Forward Advantage help hospitals grow and expand their patient experience journey. By integrating the MapsIndoors dynamic mapping technology into Forward Advantage's PXMobile app platform, hospitals have a powerful solution to provide a stress-free experience for patients and visitors. Patients can navigate seamlessly from outside the hospital all the way to a specific location within the hospital’s mapped area. This makes it easy for visitors and patients to locate and find the most optimal route to specific areas, providers or common destinations like the cafeteria or restrooms.

Poor wayfinding is not only a challenge for patients and visitors. Each day, hospital staff members spend hours of valuable time giving people directions. With a hospital solution from MapsPeople and Forward Advantage you can reduce the hidden cost of directing people and free up important resources thanks to seamless indoor to outdoor navigation.

Designed to integrate with any hospital’s EHR patient portal, PXMobile delivers a hospital-branded mobile app experience enabling patients to seamlessly access information in support of their care. Along with access to health libraries and third-party engagement applications, PXMobile quickly and affordably enables hospitals and healthcare organizations of all sizes to deliver a robust, user-friendly, branded experience to its patient population. MapsIndoors easily integrates with the PXMobile app platform and can be integrated with any mobile app platform, website, information kiosks and digital signage. Through the multi-platform integration, you ensure that all patients, visitors and staff are provided with an easy-to-use hospital wayfinding solution.





About Forward Advantage

Forward Advantage has been in healthcare IT for more than 25 years, delivering solutions & services to help hospitals access information quickly and securely. Solutions include automated and intelligent report distribution, streamlined identity and access management, migrating and archiving legacy data and most recently, patient experience. More information on Forward Advantage and its solutions can be found at:

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