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To make it easier for you, we've created three different packages: out of the box, do it yourself and enterprise. The price of each package depends on the size of your venue and any requirements. Read more about the different packages below and tell us about your needs in the form at the bottom of the page and we'll get back to you.
Out of the box
Use the MapsIndoors app as it is. MapsPeople will set up the look and feel parameters we can without further development.
The perfect choice for companies that need an accurate and user-friendly indoor map without all the additions. Just use the MapsIndoors app as it is. You're almost ready to go.
Do it yourself
Integrate MapsIndoors in your own environment and apps. MapsPeople will provide some initial startup support.
Do it yourself is our most popular package. A perfect match for you who wants to integrate MapsIndoors in your own environment and apps. We'll provide initial startup support and you'll do the rest.
You need specific features and customized development. MapsPeople will engage in discussions and develop specific features.
If you need specific features and customized development, enterprise is the solution for you. We'll do the hard work.
Out of the box
Do it yourself
Mapping of your venue
SDK for IOS, Android and web
MapsIndoors app source code
Setup of MapsIndoors app
Continuous MapsIndoors app updates
Continuous SDK updates
Support for integration with approved positioning providers
Maintenance support
Getting started support
Optional MapsIndoors app
Development of new features
Integration with optional positioning provider

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