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Indoor Positioning Systems
Series: The Future of Indoor Navigation
Indoor Positioning
laid bare
If you strip Indoor Navigation back to the basics, it can simply be described it as a wayfinding solution to help you get to where you need to go in any given space. A venue is mapped, which in turn acts as a blueprint for finding your way around it, using MapsIndoors.

But how do you get the blue dot experience?

That's where IPSs come into play. Indoor positioning is a complicated field that's evolving at an extremely fast pace and of course plays an important part in our world of indoor navigation. With Bluetooth beacons now fused with ultrasound and visible light - location accuracy is enhanced, more use cases are discovered, and ultimately, users are treated to a far more advanced experience.

Our Solutions Designer here at MapsPeople, Matti Jensen gets technical and explains what's going on in the world of Indoor Positioning Systems. Matti reveals some of the newest trends, looks at how far the positioning industry has come in the last few years, and covers how the 5th generation of mobile networks are converging with indoor positioning.


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