Unified, mobile-first experiences
The Solution
As organizations of all sizes prepare to return to the workplace and campus in a full-time or in a hybrid environment, employees and students demand unified, mobile-first experiences that enable them to use their smartphone to navigate, simplify, and streamline each aspect of their daily life – including navigating workplace and campus facilities.

Simultaneously, the need to maximize office and campus space ROI in a hybrid environment and keep all users productive, while maintaining social distancing, has never been more critical for facility administrators.

Modo and MapsPeople have partnered to enable a transformative digital experience that uniquely address both of these needs. The personalized mobile-first strategy of Modo and MapsPeople can be combined with room and resource scheduling solutions to provide a unified digital workplace and campus experiences for all elements of the daily life of an employee or student, including:

• Location-based experiences that match each user with their current environment.

• Seamless navigation of office and campus spaces, including transitions from indoor to outdoor navigation.

• Turn by turn directions to make users comfortable and confident even during their first time in a building.

• One-tap indoor navigation that allows users to discover amenities and points of interest, such as conference rooms and study spaces.
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Want to learn more about how unified, mobile-first experiences can benefit your business?
Check out our on-demand webinar with speakers from Modo, Accruent, and MapsPeople.
About Modo
Modo is helping its customers unify their distributed campus and workplace digital experience with an easy to build and maintain hyper-personalized app. Modo’s solutions are designed specifically for the workplace and campus experience and its out-of-the-box tools make it easy for anyone to quickly create a branded multi-channel app that connects your users, builds culture, motivates behaviors that drives employees and students to succeed.