Experience indoor GPS

The benefits of geomagnetic positioning like Oriient’s IndoorGPS spread over various markets and types of buildings, especially in very large buildings, or complexes consisting of several buildings. 

By pairing MapsPeople’s indoor navigation and Oriient’s indoor positioning, convenient IndoorGPS has finally become a reality - for users and managers alike. MapsIndoors is a digital mapping platform built with Google Maps, ensuring a well-known design and functionality. The platform allows MapsIndoors customers to get real-time data when they need it and to make real time changes in the included content management system. 

Bringing one of the most advanced Indoor Navigation platforms together with a highly scalable and accurate real-time positioning solution, makes the combined solution accessible to all types of buildings and very cost-effective.

About Oriient

Focused on Retail and Smart Buildings, Oriient provides users with highly accurate navigation on their own smartphones, and allows facilities to improve their service, space utilization, staff performance and operations. Oriient powers mobile apps with indoor location services, using a scalable and easy to deploy solution that does not require hardware.


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