Smart library solutions

Redia's Libry App makes it easy for library users to search across all kinds of materials and make reservations. However, library users were struggling to find their way around the libraries and find the books they were looking for. With the number of unmanned opening hours increasing, the Danish libraries needed a solution to help users navigate their spaces.

To help users find their way around the Danish libraries, MapsIndoors has been integrated into the Libry App. This allows users to easily find the items they’re looking for or get an overview of the library and any points of interests, such as reservations, toilets, or loan.

User-friendliness is one of Redia’s cornerstones and one of the reasons they chose MapsIndoors for their app. Being built with Google Maps technology, MapsIndoors ensures familiarity and well-known design and features for the end users. The easy integration with other third-party systems and MapsPeople’s extensive experience also played an important role in the decision to choose MapsIndoors.

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About Redia

Redia is a creative design company that creates digital communication solutions for cultural institutions, libraries, and more. The company has developed the Libry App that is implemented into all Danish libraries and available to all Danish citizens. Libry App has 93,000 monthly active users and gathers all library materials, events, and services in one user friendly solution.


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