Local expertise and support

Asia Pacific is seeing an increasing demand for indoor wayfinding. To accommodate, MapsPeople has partnered up with Searce to expand MapsIndoors into the Asian Pacific market through the consultancy company. Searce knows the APAC market well, and ensures MapsIndoors a great position in the Asian Pacific market with its expertise and quick, local support.


In cooperation with Searce, MapsPeople has met new opportunities in this region, including Singaporean Nanyang Technological University. Searce has been part of the project from the beginning and also provides the ongoing support. This allows MapsPeople to offer NTU Singapore fast, effective, and local support at all times.


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About Searce

Searce is a global cloud consulting company that helps businesses drive digital transformations. They are Google Maps and Google Cloud Premier Partner. With an approach to help reimagine "What's Next", redefine "How", and realize the "Next Now", Searce empowers clients to futurity their businesses by leveraging location intelligence, Cloud AI and Analytics.


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