Digitizing the Workspace Experience


The VergeSense solution provides the most complete view into office utilization across campuses, buildings, floors, rooms, individual desks, and more. 

VergeSense workplace analytics are powered by best-in-class AI-enabled sensors to understand usage and occupancy of buildings, seating areas, conference rooms, and even individual desks.

  • Rich, real-time data on occupancy use, and intent
  • AI-driven insight & visualization
  • Integration and automation that drives action

VergeSense & MapsPeople have partnered to enable a scalable operating system for your workplace.

Through VergeSense’s open API and robust partner ecosystem, real-time data can fuel workplace management systems, space reservation systems, and other digital workplace tools. MapsPeople enables these features by providing custom maps and wayfinding solutions that leverages live space usage data, which is calculated by VergeSense’s sensors report of which spaces are being used and person counts across those spaces. 

The personalized strategy of VergeSense and MapsPeople can be combined with room and resource scheduling solutions to provide a unified digital workplace experience, which includes:

  • Location-based experiences that match each user with their current environment.
  • Seamless navigation of building spaces, including transitions from indoor to outdoor navigation.
  • Turn by turn directions to make users comfortable and confident even during their first time in a building. 
  • One-tap indoor navigation that allows users to discover amenities and points of interest, such as conference rooms and break spaces.

An enhanced wayfinding experience with VergeSense and MapsPeople


About VergeSense

VergeSense is a Workplace Analytics Platform trusted by enterprises across the globe. Businesses use VergeSense to transform their static office into a dynamic workplace that matches today's employee needs and expectations. Their AI-driven platform includes intelligent sensors that collect real-time data, dashboards, and insights that drive workplace strategy and integrations with the leading workplace technologies. Today VergeSense analyzes over 40 million square feet and supports customers across 29 countries, including 26 of the Fortune 500, and has integration partnerships with some of the leading workplace technology providers to help customers have the best end-to-end experience, so employees feel safe, productive, and at their best.

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