Go beyond touchless check-in

Mobile technology is leading the way, and the Virdee Virtual Reception solution puts property amenities at guests’ fingertips. From check-in/check-out to identity verification, and room upgrades, everything is covered. Going beyond check-in capabilities, new revenue streams can be unlocked by adding on- and off-site food & beverage ordering, charging for early check-in and late check-out, offering spa services, and much more. Guests can even contact hotel staff via voice/video call or chat directly in the app. All of this is possible through the Virdee web portal and app or by integrating the features into a property’s existing app.

But not every guest or property is ready for a fully mobile solution. That’s where the Virdee Virtual Reception Kiosk comes in. Guests can quickly check-in, verify their identity, submit payment, pick and upgrade their room, and get a physical key card. The Kiosk adds a complete lobby solution, enabling a touchless experience that bypasses the front desk and accompanies guests throughout their stay.

Virdee and MapsPeople have partnered to provide properties another unique way to wow guests and make their stay more seamless. Large properties have a lot to offer, and helping guests find their way during their stay is crucial to engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates.


Together, Virdee and MapsPeople enable 

  • Seamless check-in and check-out with directions to the lobby and room
  • Fingertip access to ordering amenities with the ability to pick and book locations like the spa on the property map
  • Reduced costs to properties by helping guests find their way without requiring staff assistance

"Virdee’s mission is to create seamless interactions. Partnering with MapsPeople provides another way to make guests’ lives easier by helping guests discover more about the property. At the same time, the partnership helps increase revenue and reduce demand on staff, driving real value for property owners and managers."


About Virdee


Virdee is a SaaS company that provides the leading all-in-one guest experience solution for lodging, multifamily, and commercial buildings. With both app and kiosk solutions, Virdee technology addresses 100% of guests, providing faster access to amenities while reducing costs and increasing revenue for properties.


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